Morphological criteria artichoke Cynara scolymus L. grown in the region of Kenitra in Morocco

Author(s): M.Sobh, N.Rhaiem, N.Chaouche, R.Bengueddour, A.Hammoumi, O.Belghazi, M.Ouhssine

Artichoke (Cynara scolymus L.) was planted 20 May 2009 and 15 June 2009 transplanted in a field of two hectares limited in the area of Sidi Slimane inGharb. In a process completely at random, each hectare was divided into four plots to be cultivated in four densities: D1 = 5.700 plants.ha-1 (2mx 1mspacing inter plants) D2 = 7.500 plants.ha-1 (1.50mx 1m) D3 = 8.500 plants.ha-1 (2mx 0,70m) and D4 = 11,500 plants. ha-1 (1.50mx 0.70m). The amounts of water provided by drip irrigation was 3750 m3.ha-1. The rest fromprecipitation. The recovery rate of seedling plantingmeasured after 20 dayswas between 90 and 95%. The percentage of productive plants 100 days after planting was 70%. The best total return of 16.3 tons per hectare was obtained at the Imperial Porn interaction densities (11,500 plants per ha).

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