miR-544a expression in NSCLC cell lines by real-time PCR

Author(s): Mo Xiaomei, Wang Lei, Li Huahui, Li Yantuan

Objective: To study miR-544a expression in NSCLC cell lines 95C and 95D.Methods: Cell culture by routine methods, total RNA extracted and reverse to cDNA.miRNAexpression in 95C and 95D was analyzed by realtime PCR; over expressionmiRNAin 95D was transfected by liposomal to 95C and its invasion was detected by transwell test. Results: The expression ofmiR-544awas significantly increased in 95-DinQPCRtests (P<0.05); we transfected miR-544a mimic to 95C and observed that the invasion of 95C was significantly up regulation by transwell test (P<0.05). Conclusions: We successfully establish real-time PCR to examinemiRNAexpression and miR-544a may be related to the the invasion of NSCLC.

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