Matlab-based GUI for medical image processing

Author(s): Baohui Yang, Lu Wang, Changren Zhou

Inequalities of outside illuminance data, spatial resolution and thickness parameter of CT machine, movement of human beings’ tissue and organ are the main factors which caused the medical images affected by noise pollution, losing slight details and blurring the outline of pathologic tissue, these are problems decrease the image quality that need to be solved. The significance of thisGUI design helps to provide comprehensive information about medical images which is beneficial to the confirmation of the pathological information such as location and size, raising accuracy degree of the symptom diagnosis. In this paper, a Matlab-based graphical user interface (GUI) programhas been developed formedical image processing. It is an innovative method to process the medical images without user’s encoding procedure work compared with previous ways. Users can use this interface system to process the image repeatedly. The result showed that the histogram modification enhanced visibility level of the subtle structure, while the smoothing filtering effectively removed the noise and increased contrast of the image.

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