Matlab simulation-based football shooting most valid region probability statistics

Author(s): Yingcheng Zhang

The paper researches on football game football goal dangerous regions, utilizes known football knowledge, it establishes football goal dangerous regions one dimension normal and two dimensional normal distribution model, and uses MATLAB software to solve and simulate established model. Calculate goal different positions’ threat level, and draws most dangerous region. Firstly, in case no goalkeepers here let same player shoot in different regions of field, and research field’s different points’ threat level to goal. By statistical researching, shooting success points in the whole football field is in normal distribution, and finally usesMATLAB to simulate. Secondly, in case it has goalkeeper, research same player shooting probabilities in different points of field and goalkeeper success save odds, finally use Matlab to simulate. By calculation, it proves when player quality strengthened, threaten to goal is obvious increasing, and dangerous region expands.

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