Mathematical model research of baseball sweet spot based on mechanical analysis and MATLAB simulation

Author(s): ZiwenWang

This paper conducts the dynamics analysis on the baseball’s “sweet spot”; on this basis it analyzes the striking effect of adding cork in bat and different bat materials relative to ordinary wooden bat. In the research conduct geometric simplification and abstract description on the shape of the bat, and get the geometric description equations of the bat. Then taking the ball-rod collision system as the study object, use the conservation of momentum theorem, conservation of angular momentum theorem and recovery coefficient to establish rigid body dynamics model, then propose the calculation method of the sweet spot, and draw that the “sweet spot” of ordinary wooden bat is at a distance of 66cm from the bat handle segment. Starting from the variation of bat mass, centroid and rotation moment of inertia by adding the filler, it analyzes the effect of adding cork into ball, and obtains the conclusion that “adding cork can decrease baseball speed”.

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