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Investigation analysis of the influence of gender and the role of parents on the university students’ entrepreneurial intentions

Author(s): Chunyan Jiang

Currently, the entrepreneurship is very popular in the young people, especially in the university students who think that if there are no entrepreneurial intentions in one’s mind, he or she would feel sorry the title of university students. So, what are the factors to promote the entrepreneurship of the university students? This study is the investigation analysis of the current entrepreneurial intentions of the university students and it pays much attention to the investigation analysis of the influence of gender and the role of parents on the college students’ entrepreneurial intention. Generally, the male student has the inherent advantages in entrepreneurship among the university students. The reasons are: firstly, their bodies have the absolute advantage. At the early time of entrepreneurship, it is bitter and the pressure is so big, so it is difficult to go on if there is no a strong body. Secondly, entrepreneurship needs the courage to have a try. Usually, rare of the female students have the courage, especially the female students who are introverted. So the influence of gender to the entrepreneurial intentions of university students is not ignored. Thirdly, the role of parents is very important for the entrepreneurial intentions of university students. If their parents have a stable job, the university students in the school have no strong willingness to start their own business. Because they learn the advantage of stable work from their childhood, 他hey have no living pressure and have no the motive power to start the entrepreneurship effected by their parents, so most of these students have no the willingness to start the entrepreneurship. If their parents are businessmen, especially the successful businessmen, the students would have strong entrepreneurial intentions, because most of them have been encouraged by the successful entrepreneurship. Another is that the entrepreneurial intentions of the students who have poor families would large relatively, because they have a strong will to change the current living situation and this is their biggest motivation.

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