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Impact research of inverter power supply on the vibration noise source of the permanent magnet motor

Author(s): Suqin Wang, Liansheng Cheng, Yuezhen Cao

Popularization and application of the permanent magnet motor in all fields at such an alarming rate in recent years have been fundamentally resulted from high-speed advancement of power microelectronics industry, new motor control theory, power electronics technology and earth permanent magnet materials. Permanent magnet synchronous motor is endowed with high efficiency, low wastage, and power-saving, especially when compared with rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor (REPMSM) and traditional electro-magnetic synchronous motor. Inverter, as the power control equipment to control alternating-current motor, can generally be operated by alteration of power supply frequency. When permanent magnet motor is powered by inverter, certain adverse effects can be generated on its vibration noise source, and experimental study has proved that inverter power supply is the largest origin of vibration noise source of permanent magnet motor. To find out the specific degree of influence and characteristic relation between them, the study has firstly introduced theoretical knowledge of permanent magnet synchronous motor, inverter and formula of air-gap field, then accomplishing the formula of spectral analysis and primary harmonic frequency by way of finite element calculation (FEM) and measured air-gap field, and afterwards taking permanent20KW disc magnet synchronous motor as object of study, three-dimensional concrete sound field data of disc permanent magnet motor and permanent magnet motor noisy data when powered by inverter can be calculated by finite element calculation (FEM), which lays a foundation for solution to problem of this kind in the future.

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