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Grey relational degree-based chinese university physical education course teaching contents development research

Author(s): Guofeng Liu

University students’ physical education has important significances in improving Chinese university students’ physical quality and psychological health. Research university students’ physical education is also very important to promote physical education development inChinese education circle. The paper makes concrete analysis of Chinese university students’ physical education investment proportion in total education investment, and Chinese university student sports teaching items, extracurricular sports activity forms, sports teaching mode, it gets that current stage Chinese university student physical education existing problems in development process, and gives corresponding suggestions to problems. Apply grey relational degree method, establish grey relational degree method-based Chinese university student sports selecting courses trend research model, by calculating university students’ satisfaction degree on each sports selecting course content and sports selecting course contents selection percentages, sports selecting courses class hour amount, selecting courses credits relational degree values, it compares present university students’ satisfaction degree on sports selecting courses contents. And further get conclusion that Chinese university student physical education form is too single, set up items are more simple, which mainly based on basketball, football, volleyball and badminton so on traditional sports, and these events are main selections of university students’ sports selecting courses, relatively sports dance and other events are little favored by university students, which is mainly affected by traditional sports awareness

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Table of Contents

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