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Fuzzy evaluation method in the application of entrepreneurship training in colleges and universities

Author(s): Sufen Huang

The fuzzy evaluation method is suitable for the performance evaluation of the complicated variable relationship and under the non-qualitative factor. The evaluation of Entrepreneurship training in colleges and universities system not only involve the qualitative factors, but also involves the quantitative factor; In addition, the correlation between the variables is not clear, so using fuzzy evaluation method to research about the effectiveness of business system in colleges and universities has the feasibility of the methodology. First of all, this research on the evaluation index system of colleges entrepreneurship training are discussed, has built the index system containing entrepreneurial quality, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial system and entrepreneurial performance, such as 4 first-level indicators; Each level index also contains a number of secondary index, and each secondary index is subdivided into several three factors. After building the evaluation index system, the evaluation model and method of the Entrepreneurship training in colleges and universities are discussed, which emphatically discusses the fuzzy evaluation method of model building and application steps. Finally, on how to use fuzzy evaluation method to evaluate the Entrepreneurship training in colleges and universities system subject, the empirical research has been done, a university in Wuhan was taken as example, the results proves that the system level of Entrepreneurship training in colleges and universities system is medium. This research has certain reference significance for the related colleges and universities, and other researchers which are interested in this issue.

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