Folk custom sports culture inheritance and development prospect research under variational method model

Author(s): Liwa Sha

Folk custom sports culture is an indivisible part of Chinese culture, it reflects Chinese culture long history and era features. Nowadays, material culture is rapidly developing, protects these folk custom sports culture, let old generation culture to continue to spread, and is an inescapable mission of new generation youth. The paper researches on folk custom sports culture inheritance and development prospect. Firstly, utilize statistical Figure and mathematics curve fitting method, it makes comprehensive analysis of folk custom sports investment status and masses familiar extent with folk custom sports events. Secondly, utilize Variational method extremum principle; it studies folk custom sports events participants’ amount theoretical maximum value. And then it gets conclusion: masses familiar extent on rubber band skipping, rope skipping, shuttlecock kicking, dragon-boat racing, lion dancing, kite flying and other public events are higher, while on spinning top beating, iron-hoop rolling, swinging are lower, folk custom sports investment and inheritance problems are still problems to be solved at present. On condition that people’ s living standard and folk custom sports facilities construction investment permit, theoretically folk custom sports events participants amount percentage can arrive at 69.8% as the largest. To further propel to folk custom sports development, it should positive encourage masses to participate in folk custom sports events, and give masses effects into play.

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