Extraction and isolation of major secondary metabolites in the roots of Ceropegia driophila

Author(s): Lirong Nie, Jing Lu, Qiaomei Sun, Huilian Huang, Shun Yao

To study the secondary metabolites in Ceropegia driophila Schneider. distributed in Hubei province of China, the grinded roots were extracted and partitioned by organic solvents or ionic liquid, and then isolated by column chromatography repeatedly. Seven compounds were obtained and their structures were successfully identified, which were found from the plant for the first time. According to the spectral analysis, they were determined as taraxasterol acetate (I), ursolic acid (II), 2á,3á-dihydroxy ursolic acid (III), luteolin-7-O-â-D-glucoside (IV), croymbosin (V), apigenin (VI) and trans-cinnamicacid (VII).Moreover, the various extractionmethods were compared. The plantwas supposed to be further utilized and developed as a meaningful natural resource in the genus of Ceropegia Linn.

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