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Efficiency Analysis of Commercial Banks in China Based on DEA and Malmquist Index

Author(s): Feng Junwen, Chen Jie, and Wu Yucheng

Commercial banks are the core of the financial systems in the real economy. The efficiency of commercial banks directly affects the allocation of social resources and the utilization of financial resources. With the change of environment at home and abroad, especially the emergence of Internet Finance and other emerging finance, bank efficiency is widely concerned. This paper establishes the evaluation index system of bank efficiency based on Data envelopment analysis (DEA), compares and analyzes the technical efficiency (TE), pure technical efficiency (PTE) and scale efficiency (SE) of state-owned commercial banks; joint-stock commercial banks; city commercial banks and rural commercial banks in 2012-2014. The results show that the performance of state-owned commercial banks is stable, and the efficiency is relatively high; The performance of joint-stock commercial banks is second only to that of state-owned banks, but there are fluctuations: PTE decreased significantly; City commercial banks, due to geographical constraints and local policy implications, the TE and SE is not ideal; The rural commercial banks have good performance in sample, TE and SE increased significantly. Finally, on the basis of empirical analysis, this paper puts forward some suggestions for various banks.

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