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Effects of near-field and far-field ground motion on seismic response to long-span rigid frame bridge

Author(s): Zhang Linchun

The near-field and far-field ground motions recorded by four stations is adopted to study the response of reinforced concrete long-span rigid frame bridge at transversal excitation of far-field ground motion and near-fault pulse-like ground motion. The correlation between parameters of these two ground motion and seismic response (including pier top displacement, mid-span transversal displacement, pier bottom bending moment, mid-span bending moment and pier bottom shear force) were analyzed and compared. The results show that there is strong correlation between parameters of these two ground motion and seismic response. The seismic response caused by near-fault pulse-like ground motion is more apparent than that caused by far-field ground motion at the effect of the same peak acceleration of ground motion records. All the seismic response is greatly increased with excitation of near-fault pulse-like ground motion. The impact rule to different structure positions is similar. The parameters of ground motion for estimating destruction degree of long-span rigid frame bridge are given

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