Effect of dianthus superbus total flavonoids on hyperglycemia in an alloxan mouse model

Author(s): Bai Ming, Tian Shuo, MiaoMingsan, Guo Lin, Xin Weiyun

Objective: Research on the effect of Dianthus superbus total flavonoids on induced hyperglycemia in an alloxan mouse model. Methods: The positive control group was given metformin solution; the Dianthus superbus total flavonoids high, medium and low dose groups were given different concentrations of total flavonoids Dianthus superbus solution; both the blank and model groups were given the same volume of saline. After 10 days, all groups except the blank one were tail vein injected with alloxan to make the hyperglycemic mouse model. The blood glucose and liver glycogen levels in mice from each group were detected and pancreas biopsy was also performed. Results: High, medium and low doses of Dianthus superbus total flavonoids significantly reduced the blood glucose levels, increased glycogen and improved the pathological changes in the alloxan-induced hyperglycemic mouse model. Conclusion: The hypoglycemic effect of Dianthus superbus total flavonoids is related to promoted glycogen synthesis, and can enhance and improve the function of islet cells

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