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 Flavonoids, a gathering of common substances with variable phenolic structures, are found in natural products, vegetables, grains, bark, roots, stems, blossoms, tea and wine. These regular items are notable for their advantageous impacts on wellbeing and endeavors are being made to separate the fixings alleged flavonoids. Flavonoids are currently caonsidered as a fundamental part in an assortment of nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, therapeutic and corrective applications. This is credited to their enemy of oxidative, mitigating, hostile to mutagenic and against cancer-causing properties combined with their ability to balance key cell compound capacity. Examination on flavonoids got an additional drive with the revelation of the low cardiovascular death rate and furthermore counteraction of CHD. Data on the working systems of flavonoids is as yet not saw appropriately. Notwithstanding, it has generally been known for quite a long time that subsidiaries of plant starting point have a wide range of natural action. Ebb and flow patterns of innovative work exercises on flavonoids identify with detachment, distinguishing proof, characterisation and elements of flavonoids lastly their applications on medical advantages. Atomic docking and information on bioinformatics are additionally being utilized to anticipate expected applications and assembling by industry. In the current audit, endeavors have been made to talk about the flow patterns of innovative work on flavonoids, working instruments of flavonoids, flavonoid capacities and applications, forecast of flavonoids as likely medications in forestalling ceaseless ailments and future examination headings.