Dynamics principle-based analysis and teaching on basketball shooting act

Author(s): Han Jiang

The paper firstly makes research on kinematical equation after basketball shooting and gets that basketball flight distance and ball initial speed are in direct proportion, and ball flight distance will change as athlete release angle changes,when player shooting release angle is 45°, ball flight distance is the farthest. Subsequently analyze athlete shooting instant arms dynamics principle; it gets shooting moment each joint speed relations. And then from Lagrange equation, it establishes constraint particle dynamics equation, solves basketball momentum is up to athlete shooting instant wrist joint momentum, and gets when basketball player shoots, player’s release angle should let arms and horizontal line included angle to remain around 45°-50°, when ball is about to enter into rim, its included angle with horizontal line should be 50°-55° that is most proper. Now, player’s right shoulder joint and horizontal line instantaneous angle is 142°.

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