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Discriminant analysis model-based sports dance teachers' professional quality development research

Author(s): Xiningmeng Li, Weixiao Liu

As a large-scale sports recreational event, sports dance also have certain promotion to Chinese sports development. And teacher is foundation of sports dance development, is the key to sports dance can sustainable develop or not. The paper carries out overall analysis of Chinese sports dance teachers’ professional quality status, and proposes current stage sports dance teachers existing problems in professional quality aspect, and points out that sports culture, motor stereotype, artistic talent, general proficiency and the specialized theory knowledge are standards to evaluate a sports teachers’ professional quality. On this basis, utilize discriminant analysis method, and further carry out model improvement, and establish evaluation criterion model about evaluating sports dance teachers’ professional quality. Secondly, for sports dance teachers’ professional quality influential numerous factors, it makes comprehensive evaluation, starts from sports dance teachers’ age structure, teaching experiences, education background, sports dance teachers’ technical ability, comprehensive ability and sports dance teachers’ training, which provides theoretical support for above evaluation criterion model.

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