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Designment of new type anti-glare interference infrared touch screen of high resolution

Author(s): Jiaoying Chen

As an interactive output device, touch screen can be operated so easily that it is applied widely today when science and technology develop rapidly. Infrared touch screen designed with infrared light theory is a comparatively rare type of touch screen, mainly because interference caused by ambient light can seriously affect its working performance and can not achieve better resolution effect. These two defects badly hindered promotion and popularization of infrared touch screen. This difficulty drew attention of many researchers home and abroad. This study was based on basic design principles of infrared touch screen, designed and tested how to solve defects of infrared touch screen. The design direction is to develop a kind of infrared multi-touch screen with strong capability of anti-glare interference and with high resolution of course, the designing plan was testified. Infrared touch screen in the study could control transporting and receiving components real time through CPU. In front of receiving tube, collimated radiation channel channel was installed which reduced interference of ambient light with its light transformation direction and sensitivity; it could improve capability of anti-glare interference about three times. Realization of high resolution depended on corresponding location of touch points with received infrared light signal; resolution could be increased as 2045*768.

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