Comparison of polyphenolic compounds concentration and antiradical activity between grape and currant seeds and olive (olea europaea) pits extracts

Author(s): Faezeh Tajalli

The Polyphenolic content and antiradical activity grape and currant seeds and olive pits extracts were investigated. The aim of this study was evaluating the radical scavenging activity of methanol extracts of Iranian olive pits, grape and currant seeds and to recover a functional and antiradical compound from olive oil and fruit juices factories waste and also for environmental treatment. In this research antiradical properties of ripe and unripe Iranian olive pits (RIOP and URIOP) that are used in Iranian oil industries, antiradical properties of Iranian grape seeds (IGS) that are supplied in Iranian fruit juices producers and antiradical properties of Iranian currant seeds (ICS) that are prepared from a grape farm are examined. Therefore, the objective of this study was to determine phenolic composition and antiradical activities of olive pits, grape and currant seeds varieties, which are widely used in Iran. All seeds and pits extracts showed DPPH radical scavenging activity ranging from 24.51 to 94.29. For this purpose a methanolic extract was prepared from each of the RIOP, URIOP, IGS and ICS and their radical scavenging ability is determined with DPPH method. For this trial the effect of 3 different dilutions (100, 200 and 300 ìg/L) of RIOP, URIOP, IGS and ICS extracts was used, separately. It was appeared that in above 100 ppm concentrations the antiradical properties reaches to its maximum activity (more than 94%) and there is a little difference between RIOP and URIOP extracts in radical scavenging activity. But, there is many difference between olive pits, grape and currant seeds extracts in antiradical activity. Also, IGS and ICS extracts show better effects in 100 and 200 ppm concentrations in comparison with RIOP, URIOP and ascorbic acid. To determine of polyphenolic compounds amount, 0.2 mL Extract, 1 mL Folin sioculteu indicator and 0.8 mL Na2CO3 (7.5%) were mixed and the absorption was measured in 765 nm by spectrophotometer after 30 minutes. An equation was resulted from standard galic acid curve for determination of Polyphenolic Compounds Amount. Regarding to the results of this research, currant and grape seeds can be used as a rich source of functional and antiradical compound and anti-cancer drugs production.

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