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Comparative study of traditional medical English translation and computer aided medical English translation

Author(s): Zhaomin Zhang

There are a number of defects in the traditional medical English translation method, which mainly lies in the greater complexity of the system software itself, thus generating corresponding impact on the operability in medical English translation process. Nevertheless, building computer-aided medical English translation system can be effectively avoided by adjusting the disadvantage, so as to effectively collect and organize information translated by users. It can eventually make effective analysis, which enables the maximum satisfaction for demand direction, and also accomplishes the ultimate goal of simplified operating process. This cannot be achieved by traditional medical English translation process, and at the same time the advancement and innovation of computeraided medical English translation system can be manifested. In the process of study and discussion, this study has made corresponding discussion primarily on the characteristics and disadvantages of existing translation software, thereby conducting specific analysis of concrete embodiment of its defects; combined with computer-aided translation system software design guided by study in medical work, specific exploration is carried out to make effective analysis of its tool and its specific levels of design, thus making construction process of computer-aided translation system more satisfactory. The main goal of the research thought is to provide a strong theoretical support to the efficient optimization of software system for computer aided medical English translation, which also can improve the rationality of the medical English translation and actively promote professional produce.

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