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Combating Aedes aegypti in Brazil: An Interdisciplinary Proposal in Teaching Biotechnology Chemical

Author(s): Francisco Carlos de Medeiros Filho1, Lays Liliane da Silva Araujo Fonseca2 and Jose Carlos Oliveira Santos1*

The fragmentation of the sciences contents, the lack of applicability of the teacher in the classes and difficulty of contextualization affect the teaching-learning process of the students. This work was developed in a state school of higher education located in the city of Nova Floresta, Paraíba, Brazil with an interdisciplinary approach in teaching chemistry, using the theme Aedes aegypti combat, involving disciplines such as: chemistry, biology, portuguese (literature), history and geography. The purpose of the pedagogical intervention was to promote the importance of interdisciplinarity and the construction of the knowledge of the students of the 3rd grade high school in the school. The activities were built in expository and experimental classes with the purpose of adapting the activities for presentation in a cultural meeting of the school. The results were presented at the school itself with the initiative of the institutional program of the initiation to teaching grant by the Federal University of Campina Grande. Based on the results obtained, it is verified that the interdisciplinary work is relevant, given that through these activities it was possible to verify the importance of the use of current themes in the teaching of biotechnology chemical and in the various knowledge in basic education in the process of knowledge construction, and in the case under study, in the control of the Aedes aegypti gnat.
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