Chinese minority sports development path research in the perspective of people’s livelihood

Author(s): Xiaohua Peng, Hua Zeng, Shaochang Yang, Hang Li, Guangyao Qi,Weixing Wang

Chinese minority sports have strong national characteristics, are one kind of comprehensive activities that integrate national culture, sports culture and sports. Develop minority sports has important significances in inheriting minority culture and transmission of traditional national spirits. The paper starts from minority traditional sports development recent situations and their sports development modes, by establish models, utilizing numerical analysis and analytic hierarchy process method, it researches data features and then gets conclusions. Firstly, it makes concrete analysis of minority’ masses’ gender differences, number of participants, participation frequency and participation motivations in participation in national traditional sports, it finds out Chinese minority traditional sports existing problems. Secondly, it establishes minority’ traditional sports development mode analytic hierarchy process model, by comparing weights, it gets conclusion: Chinese minority residents participate in national sports activities are mainly for body building, strengthening physique, annual participation in large-scale national sports activities frequency is basically around five times, and men’s enthusiasm in participation in sports activities are obviously higher than women. Compare to the Han nationality masses, minority’ residents’ national traditional sports consciousness is relative higher. Professional organizations is most suitable Chinese minority traditional sports development mode, secondly is government do the dominant.

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