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Bioethanol production using food waste fermentation by Pichia stipitis and saccharomyces cerevisiae

Author(s): Kajal Gupta

Ethanol has become an immensely important chemical compound in the pandemic times. Its use has increased dramatically in the last few years because of its ability to eradicate the harmful viruses. The source of ethanol has so far been corn and other sugar based crops which has increased the pressure on food industries. The crops produced to eat are consumed in the formation of ethanol. Thus ethanol fermentation of food wastes like green coconut shell and jackfruit seeds can act as a sustainable alternative to other sugar based crops. A co-culture of microorganisms provides a higher yield of ethanol through fermentation as compared to a single culture of microbes. A right combination of microorganism can be an ideal for fermentation by producing a concentrated ethanol which can be used in alcohol based hand sanitizers.

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