Based on factor analysis of SAS the world cup soccer team comprehensive strength evaluation research

Author(s): Yong Li, Shanshan Li

2010 South Africa World Cup has ended, the field of the performance of the 32 teams is not the same. In order to more objectively evaluate the comprehensive competition of the comprehensive competitiveness of 32 teams and technology level, teams of comprehensive competitiveness evaluation model is established in this paper. Through the relations of the related events and technical indicators data statistical analysis, factor analysis model is established, and by using SAS software programming indicates that the four main factors affect the team the outcome, the number of foot ball, ball rate, passing the success rate and steals the success rate. To quantify the engagement team in the history of the processing, combined with the feature of the data, and the 2010 World Cup game, establish a fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model, and find out seven good luck team, respectively: Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Switzerland, the United States, Serbia. Finally to 32 teams on the field of integrated performance, give the different weights of the four major factors, calculated 32 teams of different values, and thus it is concluded that the comprehensive strength of the 32 teams, one of the top three, respectively is Italy, Brazil and Argentina.

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