Based on clustering analysis, the research development of Chinese martial arts in northern Europe

Author(s): Liuling Song, Songting Lu

Today's China is playing an increasingly important role in the world. China's traditional culture by the attention of the world. Because the Chinese wushu has a broad mass base and xingshenjianbei national style, it is very popular in the countries all over the world. However, Chinese martial arts in the world development degree is not high. To make the spread of Chinese martial arts is wider, this paper takes the martial arts development of the five Nordic countries, for example, by using clustering analysis in the layered analysis will be divided into five countries generally good development degree and development degree of two classes, and the results were analyzed. Development degree of good country a total of two, Norway and Iceland, development degree generally there are three countries, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Countries according to the geographical position, good development in the coastal areas, the development of general country is in inland.

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