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 The CDS is the key part of the ICZM procedure, connecting the CZPo to improvement projects and mediations. It expands on existing national sectoral systems and plans and on the report on National Strategy for Accelerated Poverty Reduction. The administration affirmed and received the CDS in 2006. The CDS embraced nine vital needs and three courses of usage. One of the nine needs is to utilization of waterfront land ideally, perceiving that land use in the beach front regions is assorted, serious, and regularly clashing. Disintegration of land, particularly in the Meghna estuary and on seaward islands, is broad. Land is additionally corrupting a result of expanded saltiness and water logging. Land in the beach front district has additionally been accumulating and is by and large continuously created. This new land ought to contribute altogether to the provincial economy and prosperity of waterfront inhabitants. The CDS accentuates land zoning as a successful instrument to enhance the utilization of beach front grounds (MoWR, 2005). 

  Actualizing of both CZPo and CDS was moderate in light of absence of assets, political insecurity, and significant normal cataclysms. Neither have been remembered for key national projects and arrangements. Just one of the recognized ICZM venture programs has entered the Government's Annual Development Programs; the Ministry of Land (MoL) started executing waterfront land zoning, a significant component of the program. Without proactive institutional administration and as a result of the absence of national concentration and financing, advancement accomplices have likewise changed their needs. Be that as it may, two violent winds, Sidr in 2007 and Aila in 2009, have again carried the waterfront zone to national consideration. Worldwide acknowledgment of the effect of environmental change, additionally, accentuates the requirement for additional national and global consideration in the seaside zone.

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