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Applications of magnetic nonolipase on the synthesis of vitamin A palmitate and hydrolysis of olive oil

Author(s): Guo-Hua Xia, Wei Liu,, Sha Zeng, Jing-Jing Ye, Shu-Juan Kang, Ye- Wang Zhang

Magnetic nanolipase (MNL) was prepared previously in our lab and the potential applications were explored in the present work. Two types of reactions including hydrolysis of olive oil and synthesis of vitamin A palmitate were chosen to check the properties of MNL. When concentration of olive oil was 25% (v/v) immobilized lipase has the highest activity (80.7 U/g) under 50 oC. The optimized conditions were as follows: molecular ratio of palmitic acid and Vitamin A acetate was 2.5, reaction temperature and time were 35oC and 10 h, respectively. The highest yield of 51.4% was obtained for synthesis of vitamin A palmitate. All these results strongly suggest that MNL has potential industrial applications including production of pharmaceutical intermediates, cosmetics and food.

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