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Application of sintered lytag concrete in bridge reinforcement and reconstruction project in cold areas

Author(s): Zhang Ailian

On the issue of low salt scaling resistance of ordinary concrete, a sintered lytag concrete is developed to replace the ordinary concrete in the application of reinforcing and reconstructing a bridge in cold areas. This paper presents the test methods and the evaluation parameters of the salt scaling resistance for the concrete, and the test standard for the salt scaling resistance of the concrete (CDF) recommended by RILEM was chosen to study the salt scaling resistance of the sintered lytag concrete and ordinary concrete. The results show that the frost resistance of one side of the sintered lytag concrete with the mineral admixtures is greatly higher than that of the ordinary concrete at the same strength grade; the single-side frost resistance order of the mineral admixtures in 56 times tests is (from higher to lower): silicon ash + slags> silicon ash +fly ash> slags+ fly ash> silicon ash>fly ash > slags. As the sintered lytag concrete has a good salt scaling resistance, the bridge in the severe cold area reinforced through the sintered lytag concrete not only can effectively improve the salt scaling resistance of the bridge, but also can greatly reduce the weight of the bridge

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