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Application of graphic design elements on interior design

Author(s): Zhang Lili

With the continuous improvement and development of the information age, our modern work and life have entered into such an age with visual media. And in this area the graphic design stays in a priority position and it propels visual medias finally to be applied in various areas of information age. The visual elements let the application of graphic design elements on interior design area changes with it. And at the same time the comprehensive application of graphic design is mainly due to the introduction of these elements expresses the final result of interior design in a profound way. In this study to explore the comprehensive application of graphic design elements in interior design, it creates new models and connotation for the interior design and it applies an interactive study by combining the professional theories of graphic design with the knowledge and principles of interior design in an appropriate way. Based on overall analysis, the study generalizes the application of graphic design elements on the interior design, puts forward the design model with practical meaning and finally propels the graphic design theories to have access to combine with relevant subjects and principles in a reasonable and effective way. Thus the theories foundations can be applied into concrete space design to create a scientific, acceptable and feasible model for interior space.

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