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Application of computer technology in construction engineering overall management

Author(s): Xiong Qunying

The valid application of computer technology is the key measure to construction engineering overall management, which focus on the warehouse management and also one of the important evaluation factors to evaluate whether the application of engineering materials meets the scientific standards and an important element to guarantee engineering quality. In this paper it mainly studies the warehouse management of construction engineering by exploring the scientific establishment of computer management system to ensure that the computer technology can be effectively used into construction engineering overall management and its value can get concrete reward. The study can be researched as follows: firstly, studying the necessary hardware equipment and the systematic structure warehouse management system related through its design to define its constitutional components; secondly, exploring the components of data flow to make a further guarantee for the data analysis process in the construction of this system; finally, making a elaborate description for the application of this system based on its detailed design and realization to ensure that this system exerts positive roles in construction engineering overall management, which are the main steps this study applied and also reveal the concrete thought and purpose of this study.

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