2013 Australian open women’s singles champion and runner-up technical and tactics features research based on mathematical statistic analysis

Author(s): Feng Yuan, Xiaolin Zhang

Australian Open game is one of world most prestigious tennis games, and Champion and Runner-up technical and tactics features are also symbols that lead world advanced levels. The paper adopts documents literature, expert interview and mathematical statistics method to analyze 2013 AustralianOpenwomen’s singles Champion and Runner-up game process technical and tactics indicators, in the hope ofmakingworld tenniswomen’s singles technical advanced features clear.At first it analyzes 2013Australian Open women’s singles generated champion Victoria Azarenka and silver medal Champion Li Na previous standings, in the hope of providing references for problems’ researching values, and gets two technical and tactics ability are world top levels that has very high researching values, the next, by analyzing tennis women’s singles events competition rules, it provides basis for extracting indicators that reflect athletes technical and tactics features, and then in the paper, it respectively carries out mathematical statistic analysis ofVictoriaAzarenka and LiNa seven rounds games’ technical and tactics indicators in the game, it gets the two athletes’ respectively exist advantages and disadvantages, which provides base for the two comparative analysis, finally carries out comparative analysis of Champion and Runner-up this finals generated data, it gets two each link gap by comparison, andmakes feasible suggestions for LiNa’s technical development

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