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Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation (TSR) is a topical interdisciplinary magazine dedicated to the study and dissemination of theoretical and practical data associated with the challenge of stroke rehabilitation. The magazine evaluations and reviews not unusual medical practices, cutting-edge standards, and new traits in stroke patient care and studies. Both primary research papers and comprehensive critiques of current literature are protected. The articles in every quarterly problem are written and peer-reviewed by way of clinicians and scientists with backgrounds and pastimes in an expansion of disciplines related to stroke and rehabilitation. The objective of each issue is to summarize and synthesize current know-how on a selected well timed subject matter in stroke rehabilitation. Rehabilitation might be one of the maximum crucial phases of restoration for lots stroke survivors. Stroke rehabilitation is an important a part of recuperation after stroke. Rehabilitation would not reverse the outcomes of a stroke. Its dreams are to build your electricity, capability and self assurance so that you can retain your every day activities notwithstanding the consequences of your stroke.  

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