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 Cloning ppt means ppts related to cloning. The top journals are peer reviewed scholarly journals. Provide high quality, meticulously reviewed and rapid publication, Cloning is the process of producing similar populations of genetically identical individuals that occurs in nature when organisms such as bacteria, insects or plants reproduce asexually to cater the insistent need of scientific community Producing individuals with identical or virtually identical DNA, either naturally or artificially. In nature, many organisms produce clones through asexual reproduction. Cloning in biotechnology refers to the process of creating clones of organisms or copies of cells or DNA fragments ppt refers to power point presentation and it basically a number of slides that contain information about the whole experiment or work. These journals are indexed with all their citations noted genetically identical individuals of an organism either naturally or artificially. Cloning in biotechnology discusses to the procedure of making clones of organisms or copies of cells or DNA fragments.  

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