Weihai bay tidal current field analysis

Author(s): Qiang Ma, Jianguo Lin, Yuna Miao, Xingang Song, Peng Wang

To provide a scientific and effective basis forWeihai Bay oil spill simulation research, the paper adopts plane two-dimension numerical model to study the tidal current field. The unstructured triangular grid is used to split the computational domain, and the standard Galerkin finite elementmethod is adopted to horizontally discrete space. As for time, the explicit upwind difference format discrete momentumequation and the transport equation are adopted to analyze and forecast the Weihai Bay tidal field. The tidal field distribution and flow rate verification results at different measure points indicate that the mathematicalmodel and boundary setting is proper and well reflects the tidal feature of the research area and its nearbywaters and is applicable to theWeihai Bay oil spill simulation research.

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