Volleyball spiking technique influence factors biomechanical model research and application

Author(s): Zhenguo Zhou

Volleyball as a sports event of world concerns, and China has also ranked among world volleyball powers, so Chinese people are fonder of volleyball. In order to let Chinese people volleyball level to more effective improve, the paper gets volleyball and athlete hitting instant each joint speed relations by studying on arms dynamics when volleyball players spike. Carry out rotational inertia analysis on them, and get athlete each joint momentum relations, and then use Lagrange equation established constraint particle dynamical equations to solve that volleyball momentum is up to athlete wrist joint momentum when hitting, and get when volleyball player spikes, firstly it should let shoulder joint angle to arrive at minimum value and then let elbow joint and wrist joint angle to arrive at minimum, and arms crooked degree gets bigger, it is more beneficial to speed up wrist joint speed so that let small arm angular speed to be larger than big arm angular speed, let impulse when volleyball is hit to be increased. Therefore, public can pay more attention to arms exercises when take volleyball exercises.

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