Volleyball spiking point position and success rate correlation research based on biomechanical geometric model

Author(s): Jinglong Ding

Spiking accounts for very large proportion in modern volleyball competitiveness, it also can mostly reflect one team’s strength. The paper applies mechanical knowledge, mainly analyzes volleyball spiking technique, makes analysis of volleyball spiking moment takeoff, hitting and other motions, and utilizesmoment ofmomentumtheoremto research on volleyball spiking technique some rules with an aim to normalize volleyball spiking technique. The paper gets that twist spiking is when athlete takes off and hits, spiking by changing upper body facing direction; when athlete takes off, it should enlarge athlete himself rotational angular speed, let legs arrive at straight, gravity center and body rotational axis come to terms so that can reduce rotational inertia, and then it further achieves the efficiency of increasing rotational angular speed, and at the same time of taking off, twisting upper body can also continue to increase self-rotational angular speed, let contact ball more rapid. When athlete takes off and arrives at top point, athlete should try to adjust body stability and let rotational angular speed reduce as much as possible, at this time, athlete should lift two legs backward, and let gravity center to be far away from rotational axis. Then arrive at stable contacting ball state. By establishing geometric model, it concludes that when athlete spikes, he should try to manage to stretch arms to right ahead and remain vertical to hitting point, athlete take-off height gets higher, and ball over net probability would be larger; by ball located hitting point height differences, presented over net trajectory and landing point are also different

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