Volleyball best spike area research based on lagrange extreme value analysis

Author(s): Qiang Wang

Volleyball players will use a variety of basic motions when fight in the court, from which spike motion is generally recognized as the most ornamental and destruction technique, the technique can interference with opponent team scoring, and also provide opportunities for its own team organize new round attacking. This paper analyzes volleyball spike technique, in the hope of exploring volleyball expected landing point after spiking, spike process action principle and reasonable hitting angle, it provides theoretical basis for athletesÂ’ training process and researchersÂ’ parsing process. This paper proposes volleyball expected landing point area after spiking, and analyzes expected landing point area difficult defensiveness, then analyzes athletesÂ’ action features and action biomechanical principle in five segments from the perspective of spike process, finally it establishes programming equation for volleyball spike expected landing point, and applies Lagrange conditional extremum algorithmin carrying out data simulation on programming equation, it gets reasonable hitting angle range under reasonable parameters,which provides theoretical basis for accurate hitting and scientific hitting

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