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Visualization method research of butt weld magnetic flux leakage

Author(s): Ma Yun-Kuo

Basing on butt weld magnetic flux leakage datum on steel plate, a kind of visualization method for welding line magnetic flux leakage (WLMFL) based on pseudo color is proposed. This visualization method is based on principle of WLMFL and relays on the magnetization direction being perpendicular to the marching direction to design out a new type of magnetic flux leakage system. Magnetic flux leakage system can gather the leakage magnetic field information of the rectangular slot defects along the distribution position, such as rectangular slot defects respectively in the weld and in the heat affected zone, to generate three-dimensional spatial distribution, then the distribution diagram is converted into two-dimensional gray diagram by using gradation line conversion method, at last, the gray diagram is converted into pseudo-color image by using gradation-color conversion method. The exploration tests results indicated that the characteristic information of welding line defects can be visually shown through pseudo-color image, this method can enrich the detail information and sense of depth of leakage flux image, and can enhances the recognition capability for the characteristics of defects with better visual effect.

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