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Variance analysis-based students physical exercises gender difference and their mental health test (MHT) research

Author(s): Xiaoyun Liu

With slogan of sport power being put forward, and national fitness development, physical exercises have already gone deeper into Chinese people’s life, and been closely related to psychological health. The paper utilizes variance analysis, comparative analysis methods, analyzes Chinese physical exercises status and its impacts on psychological health. Firstly, make specific analysis of physical exercises gender difference, from which it contains men and women physical exercises engagement frequency, sports events participation different options proportions and psychological health status, and then analyze physical exercises gender differences. Secondly, establish variance analysis-based physical exercises impact model on MHT, compare regular participating in and don’t regular participate in physical exercises profile of mood states (POMS) and mental health test (MHT) each kind of indicators. Finally it gets conclusion that physical exercises impacts on psychological health have significant gender difference, profile of mood states (POMS)and mental health test (MHT) each kind of indicators suffered impacts from physical exercises are also very significant, and especially for schoolgirls.

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