Value optimization of medium components for optimum L-asparaginase production by Pseudomonas sp. K2: An application of box-benken design

Author(s): Kumar Gaurav, Rakesh Kumar

The present study aimed at understanding the effect of important process variables for L- asparaginase production fromPseudomonas sp. K2 using Box-Behnken design of response surfacemethodology.Maximumenzyme production (0.99 IU/ml) was obtained with medium constituents of temperature 37C, pH 9.0 and asparagine concentration at 2%. Good fit of experimental data to themodelwas obtained with p value of 0.0152 and R2, 88.16%.Alowdifference (11%) between experimental and observed values validates the reliability of model prediction. Five fold increase in enzyme production by this microbial isolate was noted under optimized environment.

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