University taijiquan movement cultural inheritance and influences research

Author(s): Dongming Wang, Ping Wang

In present stage, universities in Beijing are positive organizing relative Chinese traditional sports events physical education courses, from which Taijiquan course also has guarantee of syllabus in teaching aspects, and universities have equipped corresponding sports teachers to teach Taijiquan postures, which provide running start for Taijiquan development and popularization. The paper analyzes Beijing ordinary colleges Taijiquan course, it gets Taijiquan sports culture presently development status in China and its impacts on university students. In Beijing regular institutions of higher learning, though many institutions set up Taijiquan physical education course, it hasn’t been focused on by students, the number of people that have ever taken Taijiquan exercises and willing to take Taijiquan exercises for a long time are not many. Thereupon, make some reasonable suggestions so as to let Chinese excellent national traditional sports events to be reserved and developed.

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