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University taekwondo education model component factors consistency test analysis based on AHP

Author(s): Xiaofeng Zou, Jingjing Pei, Xueheng Li

The paper based onAnalyticHierarchyProcess(AHP)method, firstlymakes analysis of taekwondo fromphysical quality, self-confidence degree, antisetback ability and educational attainments these four aspects, and takes consistency test. It gets cultural education accounts for 32% of education proportion, entertainment education accounts for 13% of education proportion, combat-style education accounts for 55% of education proportion. By analysis, it is clear that taekwondo is a kind of sport event focuses on combat-style education, but cultural education proportion is still very high. Research shows that university taekwondo educationmodel should be a kind of combat-style education combining with cultural education

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Table of Contents

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