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University students' english teaching mode redeveloped research under fuzzy AHP approach

Author(s): Wannian Zhang

As world maximum language, English impacts on all countries of globe should not be underestimated. China early has regarded English as our second language to develop, however presently national people’s English level is not optimistic. The paper establishes university students’ English teaching mode redeveloped model, utilizes fuzzy AHP method to make quantitative analysis of university students English teachingmode. Firstly, it classifies six kinds of teachingmodes into general educationmode, happy English teaching mode and multimedia technology teaching mode such three kinds, combines with AHP method to define evaluation matrix, and respectively calculate each teachingmode weight, and finally gets optimal teaching mode that happy English teaching mode has the highest weight, collaborative teaching team and race against type teaching have largest reaction in university students’ English teaching. Meanwhile, to further change current university students English general lower status and improve university English level, it should combine with multimedia and other high technologies, combine theory and practice, improve classroom efficiency and inspire learning enthusiasm

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