Universities employment and the using of the mathematical model promote for the development of employment prospects

Author(s): Dong liao

With the development of society and economy, the social demand for talents is continuously improving. Accordingly, the social requirements for talents are continuously improving, too. With the social demand for talents, the higher education has become popular now. At present, what is most concerned for higher education in society is the employment issue of college students. According to the employment situation of college students, build a mathematical model and analysis the level of universities employment. According to the universities employment of college students’ employment, improve the method of universities employment and present the efficient employment rate to the public accurately and reasonably. In the analysis of universities employment, adopting the mathematical model can push the development of the employment prospects and promote the development of the universities. This article is intended for universities employment, the using of mathematical model and to analysis and study the motivation role of universities employment prospects.

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