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Two-dimensional probability model-based football games' beneficial incidence orientation judgment research

Author(s): Jun Gao

More and more people keen on football, how to improve shooting success rate troubles broad football lovers. The paper uses probabilities statistics, establishes two-dimensional probabilitymodel, judges themost beneficial incidence orientation to provide references for football lovers. Firstly establish space coordinate system in the plane that goal and field locate, it is clear that shooting success rate shows two-dimensional probability distribution. Secondly, analyze each point of field shooting success rate when there is no goalkeeper, and make shooting equivalent success rate curve graph. Analyze shooting success rate in case there is a goalkeeper, establish goalkeeper saving success probability model, combine with goalkeeper saving success rate and shooting success rate in case no goalkeeper, then it can get player shooting success rate in each point of field in case there is a goalkeeper.UseMATLAB software, then it can draw equivalent success rate curve, it is most easily to shoot in the fan shaped area that within 20mnearby the goal, especially for the position in the right ahead of goal.

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