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Two-dimensional image technology-based arm three-dimensional reconstruction application in discus throw technical motion analysis

Author(s): Xiangshuai Kou

The paper takes discus throw movement process’s throwing arm as research objects, on the basis of stating movement process and its force analysis, it explores rotational arm two-dimensional image-based analyzed three-dimensional reconstruction system, in the hope of providing theoretical basis for sports analysis. For discus throwing basic technical motion, it makes analysis and states discus throwing process human movement postures, focuses on researching throwing arm trajectory features in rotation process and discus force status. Based on two-dimensional image three-dimensional reconstruction process principle, it gets rotation arm projection in three planes after three-dimensional reconstruction, and then applies projection and material object relations, it gets threedimensional reconstruction final model. In video tracking technology, human skeleton shape extraction and articulation joint extraction methods, it provides video camera articulation point calibration methods, by video camera obtained two-dimensional image after calibration, and calculates three planes projection.

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