Time series analysis-based chinese economic reformation and growth research

Author(s): Yushuang Zhang

Chinese economic reformation impels economic rapidly development, but some policies of themalso intensifies some internal contradictions, therefore our country economic reformation should comply with the aspirations of the people, take laboring people’s interests into consideration, Chinese market-oriented reformation not only breaks through original balanced laboring relations, but also causes antagonism appear between labors interests and capital, if the balance of the two powers are seriously imbalanced, it will intensify internal contradictions, and such kinds of contradictions are increased due to institution and globalization, so it should strengthen low-class labors rights to speak, establish fair industrial relations, which are the foundation to improve economic development. Research shows that on the premise of our country comprehensively deepen reformation, per capita GDP increases by year, from time series analysis, our country economic growth shows the rising trend, and per capita GDP growth is relatively rapid after year 2000.

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