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Three-dimensional dynamic simulation technology application in sports technical analysis video image sequence research

Author(s): Geng Du

Sports Video two-dimensional image sequence parsing has propelled to sports technical promotion to some extent, but people’s demands on three-dimensional simulation constantly increase, demands on sports images’ three-dimensional simulation authenticity seem to be more urgent. The paper studies on sports video image sequence threedimensional dynamic simulation, which starts from image collecting frame to algorithmexploration then to computer simulation authenticity results analysis, with an aimto verify the paper proposed factorization algorithm’s superiorities and feasibilities in three-dimensional dynamic simulation implementation. The paper firstly states sports video image sequence collecting frame design problems, introduces biplane calibration frame engineering drawing construction, it puts forward calibration frame precise analysis experiment method and experiment data. For video image sequence three-dimensional reconstructed computer simulation principle, itmakes discussion, and provides threedimensional dynamic simulation mathematical model construction steps. It analyzes sports features optical flow restoration principle and athlete human body three-dimensionalmotion simulation principle, focuses on introducing factorization algorithm principle features. On the basis of designing DSP dual processor array algorithm flow, targeted perspective projection linear approximation algorithm, power factor algorithm, two-dimensional image sequence algorithm andfactorization algorithm simulation affects data, it makes comparison and gets the paper adopted factorization algorithm special superiority in authenticity coefficient, and verifies algorithm feasibility and superiority.

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