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Theoretical and empirical analysis of financial system and mechanism based on the low carbon economy

Author(s): Yunyun Jia

Low carbon economy has become the main trends of the current international financial development, thus more in-depth researches and explorations should be conducted for the construction of the financial mechanism. The study first carries discussion on the financial market and its corresponding elements, during which clarifying the specific structure for international financial market and the corresponding transaction subject. And the study makes as specific analysis of the function of trading subjects, to provide the premise and strong basis for the construction of the financial system and the perfection of mechanism. The second part is the further discussed of the price mechanism, making researches on the influence of price mechanism based on different ways of transactions through and laying a solid foundation for the perfection of the financial industry. The followed part goes to a specific study on the instruments of the trade, so that the overall construction of operating mechanism of the financial industry in the process of developing low carbon economy can achieve the requirements of the times. The final part makes explorations on the financial influence on the proportion of tertiary industry in GDP as well as the impact of the financial mechanism on the adjustment of industrial structure, providing effective support for using data and building models. That is the main idea of this study, and also fully reflects the main content of the research and its important target.

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