The virtual reality technique of landscape architecture reconstruction

Author(s): Yubin Liu, Yufen Feng

With the flourishing development of the electronic techniques, all sorts of computer virtual technology have become the important parts of our daily life. It is the study point of many experts and scholars to use this technique to reconstruct Chinese ancient architectural complex and let people feel the charming of those ancient architectural complex. And it is also an important tunnel for normal people to know ancient history. The old summer palace is the world culture art treasure. But because of the aggression of eight-power allied forces, the most scenery of it had been destroyed. This article took the example of ancient landscape architecture reconstruction of old summer palace, and explained the whole process to reconstruct landscapes with virtual reality technique which mainly includes the data acquisition and processing, visualization of 3D landscape and decoration of virtual reality technique professional software. In addition, this text studied the quality evaluation criterion of reconstruction of ancient landscape. With the example of Shang Gan village, to evaluate it with model number, number of textures and average FPS three aspects. So the evaluation criterion is to ensure the weights of the three aspects. And by the means of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method, we can make sure the reasonable weights.

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